How to scan computer without antivirus | How to find virus without antivirus

Hello friends 😊, Today we have brought such a trick for you for free, knowing that you will also say what is that trick. So let’s know that as you must have read the title of the article. Today we will learn how to scan your computer without any antivirus and how to find malicious software without anti-virus So let’s know step by step the whole process.

How to scan computer without antivirus

Friends, if you do not know, then let me tell that you give money in vain to the antivirus people. Because Microsoft has already set up MRT Scan in our computer, which keeps our computer safe from viruses. You will notice that whenever you download a third party file, you get a notification there. Are you really want to download then it is already provided by Microsoft in our computer

So stop buying any type of antivirus from now on. Yes that thing is different that you work on a lot of systems and you need to scan again and again So that’s why you need to have a good antivirus, but if you do small jobs then do not buy antivirus. Let us know how we can scan the computer without antivirus.

How to scan computer without antivirus .

  1. First of all open Run portal by using Ctrl + R shortcut key in your keyboard – Press – Ctrl + R.
  2. Now after this here you have to write – %temp%
  3. After writing this much, now you have to click on OK and delete all the files you see by selecting them.
  4. Again you have to press Ctrl + R. Here only temp is to be written, after that again delete all the files you are watching by selecting all.

Friends, after doing all this, you have deleted the files which were temporarily saved in the computer. Now comes how we scan our computer without any antivirus how to detect virus in our computer without antivirus.

How to scan computer without antivirus.

Friends, to scan your computer, you have to press Ctrl + R. And after pressing so much, you have Run Panel will be open.

mobile image

IN this you have to type MRT – full form of MRT is – Malicious Software Removal Too (Windows)

laptop img

Now after this, I am seeing you some options here, out of this, on the first option or you can select an option after reading according to you.। And click on next, as soon as you click on next, this scan will start and it will scan all the files on your computer.

How to scan windows 7 without antivirus

If there is such a file in your file which is a threat to your computer, then it will scan and put it in front of you. Now you can even delete it so that your computer is safe.

Friends, in this way you can scan your computer without any antivirus। There is no need to waste money in antivirus in vain, inbuilt antivirus provided by Microsoft in your computer itself. Through this, you can fully scan your computer, if some virus is in your computer, then this antivirus will indicate to you. How to scan windows 7 without antivirus

We hope you liked this information stay tuned with us Thanks. 😊

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