How to copy text from YouTube Video , Copy from Screen ,Copy code from YouTube Video

Hello friends, 😊 today’s article ✍️ is going to be different, in this article we will know that how to copy text from youtube screen If you are learning coding then how can you copy the code of coding This trick is applicable on laptops and computers. So far there is no such trick for Android, as soon as we know this trick, we will bring an article on it. Now we will know how to copy the code from youtube run on computer or laptop, so let’s know the whole process step by step in this article.

How to copy text from youtube screenshot

Friends, whenever we practice coding or we have to copy some such word which is given on this screen but we are not able to copy. Because we are not aware that we can copy from direct screen also. That’s why we write that code / text on a copy, then after that we have to save it by double typing it on the computer. And if it takes us more time, then we will tell you a trick from where you will be able to copy the on-screen code / text.

Friends, there is an extension of Chrome for this, whose name is Black Box extension, you can install this extension in Chrome.

Black box extension link below the article 👇

How to install black box extension, how to install black box extension in chrome

It is very easy to install, first search on Chrome itself. Black Box You have to install this extension। We have told in the screen below that you have to install some such extension, now after that you have to turn on some of its settings. ⚙️

  • First of all install Black Box extension After installing go to chrome setting ⚙️ ️ After going to setting⚙️ choose extension You can activate it from here, after activating it by pin , you are getting the option of pin, turn it on.

After doing all this, I am ready to use your extension now. You will see some type of icon above which we have mentioned in the image below.

black box extension

Black Box kaise use kre, How to use Black Box Extension

Friends, above we talked about how to install the black box extension, now let us know how to use the extension. Friends, you can turn on any screen like you have on YouTube and play a video on YouTube on which text is written, maybe if you are practicing coding then some code is written.

Now you see an icon at the top, which we have mentioned in the above image, this type of sign is click on it and click on New After clicking on New, wherever you draw with your mouse, all the text written there will be copied.

Now you can paste it in your text editor like Notepad, Wordpad and other text editor.

You will have to make some corrections in this text, maybe your video quality was very bad, then the text will not be copied correctly. Therefore, keeping the video quality good, use the black box extension so that the text can also come out well.

Link for installation Black Box extension 👇

Friends, we hope that this information has helped you a lot and you will also use this information. Thank you for staying with us to get such information.

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